A new digital lens

Written by Jason Anderson

Tags: Views Digital Marketing


Here at Sectorlight, we have always been at the heart of producing engaging and high quality branding for our clients. With over a 25-year heritage in the field of property and luxury goods marketing, we’ve been at the forefront of many revolutions and evolutions of both design and marketing.

Digital is clearly very important to both our clients and ourselves. With digital marketing now accounting for half of UK total advertising spend, turbo-boosted by the uptake of mobile devices, we’re in a very exciting time. Never before has digital offered us the opportunities that are now possible. With typographic control approaching that of print, the excitement and emotional impact that video can impart and, of course, the always-on opportunities that mobile websites and applications can provide, we fully recognise the potential that digital has to offer.

With this in mind, Sectorlight has begun a period of expanding and strengthening its digital expertise with a view to offer clients a truly premium capability that has typically been only associated with far larger digital agencies.

Our digital team now has over 60 years of combined experience of designing and producing websites, marketing suite interactives, mobile websites and mobile applications, across many vertical market sectors including property, film, FMCG, medical, banking and transport. Sectorlight’s new website is an effective yet simple demonstration of what can be achieved through modern skills and approaches. By designing with user-centered design methods, with a mobile-first attitude, Sectorlight have created a site that reflects the current trends for bold typography, full screen images, animation flourishes and – of course – natively working on mobile devices.

For the technical amongst you, we have used many of the leading-edge technologies to build the new site, including: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, various Javascript libraries, Masonry, Boilerplate and Twitter cards.

Take a look at some of our recent digital projects: