Following the provocative and mysterious teaser ad campaign, we launched the equally compelling full campaign for Barcelona’s striking new residential tower.

How do you create a campaign that shows off a unique piece of architecture like Antares? Designed by the world-renowned and unconventional architect Odile Decq, the development is far from traditional, so we created a strong brand and campaign that reflected the creativity, vision and values of Barcelona’s iconic new tower. We had to create a visual identity that was unique to the project and echoed Odile’s visionary bold approach.

A key part of the campaign was the website which we were asked to make impactful and create a statement with. To achieve this, we built an immersive website that takes the user on a visionary journey. We designed it to feel like an art gallery, taking inspiration from the distinctive digital and print ad campaign we had created. The slick navigation adds to the users’ sensory experience and continues the intriguing feel of the brand, whilst still providing potential buyers with all of the information they need.

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As part of the collection of printed collateral, we designed a brochure in an editorial style. It includes articles written by Odile Decq and other third-party sources to give their own views on Antares, the city and to show Barcelona’s creative spirit with a mixture of insightful content.

Respected international and local journalists wrote opinion editorials giving their perspectives on Barcelona and showing the diverse culture on offer including the culinary delights, social scene, as well as the most desirable shops and boutiques in the city. This included articles by a local fashion designer and a film director, giving their insider knowledge on Barcelona and some of the lesser known places in town. Through these articles, potential buyers will see everything the city has to offer and get a feel for what it would be like to live there. The magazine-style brochure gives an overall impression of Barcelona, reflecting the diversity of the city and the outstanding development.

Antares is a lifestyle brand reflected in the editorial feel of the brochure and styled with Odile Decq's trademark bold colours.

The brochure contains insightful and well-informed articles giving a taste of Barcelona and insider knowledge to potential buyers.

Every part of the Antares brand is distinctive and takes the user on a visionary experience. You can follow the social campaign on Facebook and Instagram.