The emergence and impact of social media over the past 10 years has seen a dramatic rise in the way that brands are identified, reviewed and ultimately hurt by consumer behaviour. The coffee giant Starbucks now famously hire a huge social response team tasked with the reputation management of their stores on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

Social customer service is now seen as the new telephone when it comes to airing our displeasures at a product or service that has not met expectations. 10% of all social posts are now believed to be complaints in some order and related to a company's image and reputation. 

Essential to your business, brand identity and reputation management starts with understanding what is the strategy of your product or service and how that needs to be managed in the digital age. Of course, we do not all have the financial muscle of a Starbucks — or even the social awareness — but we can start with the fundamental basics of brand identity with a cohesive and fully responsive website.

At Sectorlight, we believe in designing and creating websites with brand identities that stand the test of time and deliver in the digital world.  With over 78% of internet searches now conducted on mobile platforms, the need to bring your brand inline with the consumer demand is ever more apparent 

Brand management starts with your website and how it reacts and responds to users.  Understanding the data you receive, the impact you make and the awareness you create is key to the development of any business.  

Can we show you what we do? 

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