It's a knockout! Sectorlight edition

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Last Friday, the Sectorlight gang headed north to Stephen’s House & Gardens in Finchley for a day of team building activities. In other words, a day of physically gruelling, mildly humiliating, highly competitive challenges that involved an excessive amount of water, inflatables and oversized costumes. To be honest, this shouldn’t have been to anyone’s surprised since we decided to hire Chillisauce's It’s a Knockout themed event for the day. Inspired by the infamous show itself, we wrestled in giant penguin costumes, raced over inflatable hurdles while balancing pint glasses of water on our heads, and climbed rope in the soapiest, slipperiest of conditions.

Yes, things got head-to-head competitive. Yes, our rivalling moods carried into the evening taking the form of arm wrestling wars at the pub. And yes, we were all still mates and productive colleagues come Monday morning, albeit with achey muscles.

Take a look at some photos capturing the day’s shenanigans: