Most marketers and clients now accept that responsive websites - those that change their layout and presentation depending on the device being used to view them - are an absolute necessity. With a recent Forbes study showing that 71% of mobile users (when encountering a site that isn't optimised for the smartphone) will immediately return to their search results, this need is unequivocal.

But what about the arguably most important part of a brand's identity - the logo itself. How should these react when browser space or screen space is very limited? So far we have seen logos magnified or shrunk in these circumstances. But many brands already have different instances of their logo that are used in different situations. 

So why shouldn't logos be responsive?

Taking the actionable elements from responsive web design and applying them to logos make perfect sense, helping to ensure that the logo retains clarity and visibility regardless of how it is being experienced. 

Click here to check out this simple example that clearly shows how responsive logos could work.