Once characterised by two fundamental traits  - carbohydrate and beige – the staple British diet has certainly grown up a little.

With food markets and stalls cropping up in every corner of the capital, there is more chance than ever before to broaden our culinary horizons. However, amongst this rich abundance, there are undoubtedly very few to be found nestled at the heart of a marina and set against the backdrop of yachts and sailing boats.

The market in question is the world food market at St Katharine Docks, from 11am to 3pm every Friday, and is certainly one of the highlights of working a stone’s throw away. Rounding up the most exotic dishes from across the world and serving them directly to the port, we like to indulge in sumptuous sashimi to mouth-watering Brazilian hotdogs to “Savage Salads."

It’s been nearly 3 years since we moved from the West End to the Docks and we haven’t looked back. To further fasten our loyalty, we’re proud to be the brand guardians of St. Katharine Docks, having recently launched its new brand identity including a quarterly public magazine called Navigator. In fact, our next issue will feature a piece on our beloved market so until then, keep your eyes peeled and your bellies filled!