Painting the City Green

Written by Susanna Leigh

Tags: City


The last few years have seen a blossoming fascination with eco-friendly homes and their roles within our urban fabric. With so many incredible advances in sustainable strategies and the daunting confrontation of our human footprint, so-called 'eco-homes' are cropping up with a strong momentum and following. Whilst these green credentials might have once conjured up horrifying associations of bulky solar panels and water tanks, the modern eco-home is already slotting into our everyday cityscape under a variety of disguises, from the rural retreat to the sleek James Bond den to the unassuming town house.

As property marketeers and placemakers, we love seeing and responding to these shifts and have been interested to see how cities across the world are embracing this green movement:

A vertical forest in Nanjing, China's most polluted city. The buildings will be able to suck 25 tons of carbon dioxide from Nanjing’s air each year and produce about 60 kg of oxygen every day.

Shanghai Tower, China's tallest skyscraper topped with 270 wind turbines, as well as being LEED Platinum certified.

Innovative ReGren homes encased in individual greenhouses. These Dutch eco-towns will grow their own food and live off-grid.

Not just a floating home but 100% recyclable too.

Lendlease's FutureHome development will combine townhouse style architecture with world-leading Passivhaus standards. In fact, we recently had the pleasure of designing the marketing suite for this development and are looking forward to seeing how this exciting scheme grows.