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And so we have it folks, the whopper is in -- the best idea with the innovation potential to solve our urban population crisis has finally been carefully selected by our very own MD Jerry Llewellyn and the rest of his fellow panelists. On June 26th, The Next Big Thing judges gathered at RICS' headquarters to discuss and debate the shortlist of big ideas. After hours of deliberation, they came to a unanimous decision.

The verdict is...drumroll please…Neil Worrall’s Aquacities.

With 100% of the population living on 29% of the earth's available space, Worrall proposes the ultimate urban sea change. Located only 12 nautical miles offshore, each carbon-positive, earthquake and tsunami-proof island city would be run by a new UN global governance structure. Too ambitious? Arguably not. This week's issue of Estates Gazette digs into the practicality of Worrall's idea and why the judges were so captivated. From technology, architecture, politics and sustainability -- Worrall proved that his proposal was the next big thing. 

And while all of TNBT participants were busy packaging their imaginative ideas for submission, the Sectorlight studio was hustling to bring to life a visual identity of the competition. We worked with EG to land on a bold, typographic, copy-driven branding system. By using clever copy tone at each stage of the promotion campaign, we were able to create dialogue, buzz and a significant increase in competition participants. 

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