Tesla has just leapfrogged Google and every other autonomous car manufacturer or research group by announcing that their cars can now be ordered with full autonomy. 

This means the car drives itself. Totally. All of the time. 

The "driver" is merely there "for legal reasons" (as laws have always been behind technological innovation) and can act just as the passenger. After getting into the car and saying where you want to go, the car will plot the best route and drive to it. And if you don't say anything when you get into the car, it'll search your phone for your next appointment and drive you to the location specified in your calendar. 

With significantly upgraded hardware and software, the car can deal with all road situations: slow traffic, motorway traffic, no road lanes or markings, traffic signals, accidents, roundabouts - everything is taken in its stride. 

And possibly the most magical aspect happens when you arrive at your destination - you get out and the car goes and find somewhere to park itself. It understands no-parking zones, disabled access areas, spaces that are too small, spaces that will charge fees for use, etc. When you then want your car back, just tap on your smart-watch or phone and it'll drive back to wherever you are. 

And this is ready to order now - not in five years. 

Tesla have just made Google incredibly nervous.