‘Like a guiding beacon, when the red light of the masts were in sight you knew you were nearly home.’

With Houlton, RadioStation Rugby throwing open its doors to the public and potential residents last weekend, this sentiment will soon ring true once again.

Celebrating the launch of the new marketing suite, film and café, visitors have begun descending upon the former radio transmission station site to get a sense of its evolution into a new neighborhood. At its peak, the site boasted the world’s largest radio transmission station, sending the first ever transatlantic telephone call to the United States in 1927. Once recognised by its 12 towering radio masts, the site will soon welcome 6,200 homes set within 1,200 acres of beautiful parkland for a new generation to enjoy.

With a warm, emotive campaign and 'Come Home to Houlton' strapline, we worked on building a brand story rooted in history and centered around community and well-being. This story is being enjoyed by the first visitors to the marketing suite, where this rich history and exciting future has been traced across the walls through a series of wall graphics and panels. The soft colour palette and commissioned Mads Berg illustrations have taken inspiration from classic poster art and have since been brought to life in our ‘Come Home to Houlton’ brand film. Partnering with Rapha Campos, our film tied together atmospheric filming with clever CGI manipulation and hazy morning drone footage to convey the sense of nostalgia, comfort and familiarity that has become so synonymous with the Houlton brand.

Next door, visitors have been enticed by the food offering and rustic décor of the new cafe, The Tuning Fork. At the heart of the budding community, the café has proved a popular place for visitors and families to dig into a slice of cake and seasonal produce picked from the local area.

It’s been great seeing so much activity and life restored to the site and we’re looking forward to the next chapter!