What happens when luxury property, marketing and technology collide? A sensationally tailored app and an award for ‘Development Marketing’ from the International Property Awards...

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So you're used to eBay to look for that gift you can't find on the high street. Maybe you've also used Gumtree for more localised purchasers. With eBay buying up Gumtree, many were wondering what would now become of the localised-marketplace and if eBay would have any competition in this space.

Suddenly stepping into this area is Facebook, with the launch of their free Marketplace on their mobile app... 

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If you can lose it...Tile it!

Written by Jason Anderson

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Are you always losing things? Your keys, your bag, your cat? Yes? Of course you are, that's why you'll have to loiter outside your home tonight until your flatmate gets home...

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