We keep hearing that mobile is increasingly important across the digital realm. We know that most people use Facebook, for example, from a mobile device. We're told that YouTube viewers have shifted to preferring mobiles to consume content. And even general web viewing now has parity across mobile and non-mobile devices, with mobile increasing it's share month by month.

The Mobile Marketing Association has just completed a report that argues that mobile now merits a double digit share of total spend - not just of the digital budget. Useful when we are persuading clients to consider mobile as their primary digital landscape.

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Google has, for some time, made "mobile friendly" a requirement for having a good search engine score. But, beginning April 21st, the presence (or not!) of a mobile friendly site will have a significant impact on search results scoring.  There's no news on what "significant" actually yet means, but Google don't use such terms lightly. With more searches being made from mobile devices, and with Google ever-expanding it's hyper-local searches based on your physical location, mobile has to be the most-critical thing on our client's minds. It's up to us to make sure they're very much aware of this and don't see mobile as a "nice to have".

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