Most marketers and clients now accept that responsive websites - those that change their layout and presentation depending on the device being used to view them - are an absolute necessity. With a recent Forbes study showing that 71% of mobile users (when encountering a site that isn't optimised for the smartphone) will immediately return to their search results, this need in unequivocal...

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Bug bashing at Umbraco Festival 2015

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Umbraco is a website Content Management System (CMS) that we know and love at Sectorlight. With its endless list of advantages, we're loyal for a reason.

Firstly, the system is open source which means that no licenses are required and anyone can browse the code source. Secondly, it offers the ease of extensibility. For those of you living outside the world of software engineering, this means that Umbraco has a system design principle that takes future growth into consideration by allowing new functionalities to be added at any time. So, how do we benefit from all this? 


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