6 Bevis Marks, London

6 Bevis Marks is a striking new signature building providing 160,000 sq ft of office space. Organised over 16 floors, it offers tenants an array of in-house business and staff services. It boasts private terraces and a roof garden on the upper floors.

6 Bevis Marks

6 Bevis Marks


The brief was to create an eye-catching brand and this was simply achieved by highlighting the ‘VI’ within the name, giving focus to the building's address and helping to create the Bevis Marks brand. A series of sub-brands for the building's facilities were produced carrying on the 'VI' brand.


An intricate tree designed by award-winning illustrator, Edward McGowan represented three key themes within the brochure and acted as dividing spreads.

A full website featuring an on-line gallery, location maps, downloadable plans and videos was developed.


Seed Mailer

'Coming out of the Ground,’ an eye-catching direct mail of plantable seeded wild flowers, was used to launch the building, the marketing campaign and the start of construction.

Amenities Guide

A separate amenities guide was produced that highlighted the 'VI-Life' - from rugby screenings in the rooftop garden to the rolling arts campaign within the building.

Grass hoarding, in keeping with our ecological theme, was produced on-site to wrap the building at street level,  generating a public profile and a talking piece.

On-site Graphics

Concept designs for an on-site marketing suite.

Marketing Suite


A film was created following the journey of a CEO who comes to the building on the first day of his new office opening and surveying his new corporate HQ. This was used in conjunction with the brochure when presenting to would-be tenants and agents.