Boulevard Hotel, Azerbaijan

The Absheron Hotel Group is comprised of unique, exceptional hotels based in Azerbaijan. The Group is committed to delivering exceptional hospitality and design. As the largest conference hotel in the country, Boulevard Hotel offers the finest facilities for any event or function.

Boulevard Hotel

Boulevard Hotel


The approach to branding the Boulevard Hotel Baku needed to sit comfortably within the overarching Absheron Hotel Group brand, feeling simultaneously unique and synonymous with its sister hotels (Intourist Hotel Baku, Pik Palace, Park Chalet).  This is achieved by the logo mark, colour palette and typography. The unique elements are the logo and colour palette, but the uniform typography and website design are our constants. The logo marks across the AHG also consistently depict architectural features.

Restaurant Branding

A suite of logo marks and visual puns were created for the restaurants and cafe's located within the hotel.

The website needed to depict both the heritage of the building, dating back to the 1930s and also fusing both modern glamour and contemporary design of the hotel’s revival. 

Both the vintage and black and white photography of the hotel in its former state and current photography, portray the beautifully restored building and chic accommodation.

The website has been developed in three languages: English, Azeri and Russian, ensuring fully tailored and targeted communication.  The inclusion of CMS into the website provides client flexibility on regular content updates.