Pik Palace, Azerbaijan

The Pik Palace Hotel is a new 5/6 star hotel built in the mountains of Azerbaijan. French European in its design and construction, the Pik Palace provides the ultimate in luxury for guests seeking winter skiing or a summer holiday.

Pik Palace Hotel

Pik Palace Hotel


Sectorlight were appointed to deliver a naming strategy and branding solutions for the main hotel and sub brands for the individual food and beverage restaurants and lounges within the hotel.

Within this brief was the requirement for a full brand guideline proposal for all the hotel collateral, stationary, menus, brochures and direct mail items, bags and guest items.

These guidelines were created with the purpose of use across all Absheron Group hotels.

Sectorlight were commissioned to create the strategic plan for a series of websites starting with the Pik Palace. The Pik Palace site was the first to e launched and set the structure and look and feel for all of the future hotels in the Absheron Group.

The sites have been designed with the full CMS and are fully responsive

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Restaurants & Lounge Branding

Alpina Brasserie & Wine Bar, Fujisan Restaurant and Chocolat individual sub-brands were designed adjacent to the Pik Palace Shahdag brand. 

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