77 Mayfair, West End

77 Mayfair comprises of 7 luxury large apartments in the heart of Mayfair, painstakingly designed by the lead architects and interior architects.

77 Mayfair

Marketing Campaign

Host Brochure

A luxurious brochure was produced using large format imagery across a layflat design, ensuring quality and scale were appropriately showcased.  In addition, the inclusion of carefully selected vignettes, demonstrated the painstaking attention to detail carried through from the interior design to the marketing collateral. 

Throughout the project for 77 Mayfair, the client was very focused on discretion. To that effect, the website design was two-fold. A responsive design holding page was created, providing only limited information and registration functionality. Only when agents had qualified interested parties, were they provided with log-in details to view product details further. 

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Promotional Material

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