RadioStation Rugby

RadioStation Rugby is set to be a new village in Rugby, England. With 6,200 homes to be delivered in next 20 years, we have been appointed by Urban & Civic as the brand guardians throughout the scheme producing a 360 degree marketing campaign. Set within 1,200 acres of beautiful open space, this is an unspoiled, super-connected place with a rich history and an exciting future. 

RadioStation Rugby

RadioStation Rugby

Brand Story and Illustrations

With a warm, emotive campaign and 'Come Home to Houlton' strapline, we worked on building a brand story centered around community and well-being. The soft colour palette and illustrations take inspiration from classic poster art to aptly convey nostalgia and a sense of familiarity.

We looked to the history of the site to inform the brand context.  Rooted in history, the name Houlton shares the town in Maine USA where the first transatlantic voice transmissions were received in 1927; this was sent from RadioStation Rugby.


Considering the long-term nature of the scheme, the digital push was essential in maintaining interest and intrigue. Our digital work includes the online umbrella-brand advertising. 

Over the next year, we will be unveiling an exciting array of campaigns, events and developments and look forward to sharing these with you.