Southbank Place, London

Southbank Place is a masterplan designed for the site of the former Shell HQ in one of London’s most iconic cultural locations on the South Bank of the River Thames, overlooking Jubilee Gardens and the London Eye. Working with Qatari Diar and Canary Wharf we have delivered an international brand and marketing campaign. 

Southbank Place

Southbank Place

Brand Identity

The overarching aim was to shape a fashionable new quarter that responds to its context and cultural heritage. The brand identity had to balance the vibrancy of the location with the tranquil luxury of the architecture and interiors.

On-site Graphics

The vast scale of the development site and subsequent length of the hoarding allowed for a more creative approach. This included cutouts, lit-up screens and historic timelines of the area. We also partnered with letterpress legend, Alan Kitching to fuse both art and community by working with students from Walnut Tree Walk Primary and Oasis Academy South Bank. 


The brochures exemplified the muted luxury of the development with their simple yet striking designs and atmospheric spreads.


The main objective for the website was to raise the profile of the development for both a national and international audience and to highlight the rich offerings of the South Bank location.


Interactive Presentation

The marketing suite technology aimed to provide a holistic overview of the entire scheme as well as provide more specific overviews of the individual buildings. The interactive presentation, the marketing suite screen and the model of the development were interconnected to enhance the live experience and interactivity of the marketing suite.


Predominantly an agent selling tool, this app facilitated the sales process and could also control the marketing suite technology.

Stationery and Promotional Materials

As a reflection of the scheme, we ensured that these were designed to a high quality with luxury finishes.


The advertising was rolled out as a phased campaign for the initial launch of the destination and following this, for the individual buildings. With an international target market, the advertising campaign spanned the UK, the Middle East and Asia. These required a tailored approach which took into consideration cultural demands and sensitivities.