We prize the informative,
the compelling and the engaging.
It's the basis of everything we do.

As a fully integrated independent London creative agency, we have multiple teams of creative consultants who work across digital, branding and marketing in order to craft a solution that meets your goals.

& Research

Latest Strategy & Research projects

Delivering branding and marketing strategies of merit requires building on strong foundations. That’s where Sectorlight’s team of strategic and research experts come in.

We develop strategies that understand differing marketplaces and consumer behaviour. We create solutions that change behaviour, understanding and attitudes to brands and services.

Whether it’s the underlying strategy for a website to make sure it is on brand or developing a new brand or service offer we have the expertise to help.

Strategic input plays a part in all of our projects as real understanding is built on insights into the consumer, the marketplace and how best to align these elements for a client’s commercial advantage.

We can and do work on pure play consultancy and research projects for their clients particularly in the area of new product development and brand re-launches.

We can run quantitative and qualitative research programmes for you to drive new product development or to help you find key brand differentiation points.

An understanding and passion for brands allied with over 20 years’ experience, means we pragmatically and creatively arrive at insights, ideas and solutions. We have created place-making and destination strategies for our real estate clients that resonate and draw in the local community.

Be it creating a brand from scratch or the re-launch and refresh of an existing brand we have the experience, creativity and passion.

We have branded and renamed regeneration districts and have developed work for five star hotel groups, leisure, retail, services and luxury brands as well as medical facilities.

We build from your business strategy; understand the marketplace and the context you operate in. 

Then, in partnership with you, we create and deliver credible and differentiated brand identities and brand experiences across multiple touch points.

We always remember consumers see brands holistically wherever and however they come across them.

We have built our business on building your business. The world of marketing is changing rapidly and brands have to work harder to connect, using multiple and complex channels to tell stories that resonate.

Our understanding of business and the importance of marketing to deliver real rational and emotional advantage is one of the reasons we have won marketing awards on numerous occasions.

Our marketing campaigns are finely crafted to consider traditional channels but also the potential for sponsorship and PR, social media and guerrilla marketing techniques.

Our experience of delivering memorable and motivating campaigns spans the UK, Asia, the Middle East, America and Europe.

Categories we have real and deep understanding of include corporate, financial, leisure, retail, luxury and real estate.

We have experience of global audiences and local market sensitivities and understand the importance of accountability and putting in place the right kind of metrics.

Today digital must sit at the front of the communication arsenal. That’s why our digital consultants plan for digital from the start of all projects. As a full-service digital agency in London, we create compelling and engaging experiences to showcase a brand whilst always leveraging and integrating with offline campaigns in order to create coherent and consistent brand messaging.

We're also capable of creating standalone digital campaigns and social media strategies that work together in unison, meeting your goals and engaging your customers across mutliple digital platforms. From websites and web apps, to native apps and interactives for marketing and sales suites, to 3D animations and CGIs, to social media and content stategies, our digital strategy consulting team can craft an effective and engaging solution.


Latest Experiential projects

What will it be like? In a world where things are constantly re-imagined, creating and sharing a memorable experience with a customer has huge value. Relevant, exciting brand events stir the emotions and tap into all the senses. 

We create stunning real and virtual worlds to really immerse your customers in the brand. Fully interactive presentations allow them to explore a new world through touch or voice commands. They can navigate through an experience, actively choosing what to see next. 

We design and build marketing suites which go beyond simple mock ups, taking people deeper into the concept using fly-throughs, animated sequences and augmented reality. Our mantra is interactive - let the customer drive and you create something unforgettable.

We have delivered brand events, suites and interactive presentations to clients in the UK, Middle East and Europe.

We understand that the challenge of producing superb experiential marketing lies in getting a large number of small but critical details right.

We measure and test the environments extensively so that the experience runs smoothly, every time.

On-site Graphics

Latest On-site Graphics projects

It's a busy world. How do you grab someone's attention? 

Our striking on-site designs take a brand onto the street and into the built environment. From pavement and wall graphics to building wraps and banners, on-site marketing is high impact stuff. We create an immediate connection with the customer through a physical brand presence. 

Engaging, informative, funny, beautiful. Whatever needs to be said, we consider the logistical and technical factors, arrange planning consents and work with building contractors to deliver the message perfectly.

We have designed and installed eye-catching graphics in the UK, Middle East and Europe, from wall displays and hoardings to large format building wraps.

We understand all the factors which affect on-site marketing like the constraints of working on a busy site and the different planning environments in each city district. 

We know how to work with all stakeholders to ensure that on-site graphics are approved, safe and gorgeous to look at.